Many general builders traditionally have used Microsoft Excel,  Microsoft Word, or a combination of both documents to produce their quotes for their customers. Both of those bits of software are good, but not designed solely to price and quote for building costing, you ideally need both of them to be combined, one piece of software for the calculations and the other for presentation of the quote. We know that you can make the software do it, but they are not designed solely for this purpose and the average builder does not have the time to create these complicated systems. The problem is that getting your estimate for costing the job tender correctly is the single most important part of running a building company, unless you get the sums right at the start, the whole job could lose you money, if you over price the quote you won’t even get the chance to win the job. Using software can help in getting your figures right, imagine the Ford motor company not knowing how much a car would cost to put together, they could not possibly know what to sell it for. The problem with construction work is that almost every job is different, and the job changes as you go along. This is where our software helps you out;

  • You can cost the job and submit the tender – all from one simple interface – no software to install.
  • As the job commences you can add the extras to the job live on site* to make sure you bill for everything.
  • Pricing a similar job ? just copy the original job using our templates system and just change the items that are different – speeding up your estimating.

This makes your tendering and estimating process as efficient and as accurate as possible. Another great thing about our software, you can try it at almost no risk, some companies charge £100’s of pounds, our is just £9.99 a month and if you don’t like or use it you simply stop paying!