Merchants Estimating Service

UK based Professional Estimating and Costing Service White-labled for Merchants

Easy Estimate can offer you a white-labelled Estimating Service for your merchant.

Its more than just Estimating – Easy Estimate provide you with sales opportunities and insight to the entire basket of goods for every customer :

  • Comprehensive material reports sent straight to the Branch for every estimate produced.
  • Be ahead of rival suppliers, advanced opportunities to quote for all of your customer needs.
  • Linked sales such as Plant, Tools, Kitchens and Flooring which might usually be sourced elsewhere.
  • Use your customers account prices in the estimate or quotation.
  • Options for a Branded customer portal.
For your customer :
  • Fully itemised Estimate for their client (allows for the Contractors bespoke labour rates and profit margins to be included).
  • Fully inclusive Bill of Quantities with or without margins and profits for the Contractor and/or their Client.
  • Material, Labour and Plant breakdowns.
  • UK based Estimators that will call in advance of commencing to discuss the project for clarity
  • Access to the portal to allow them to amend, and reproduce their documents.

Its really easy to get started with us so Contact us now to see how we can really drive customer engagement.

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UK Based

Use your branding across the service


Direct contact with your estimator

Material order lists

Full Customer Presentation pack

Interactive Quote

As we own the whole supply chain, we are able to give the customer who wants the job priced full access to our pricing platform, this enables them to make changes, change profit and covering letters themselves. 

End to End Solution

Offer your customer the full end to end solution to their pricing problems, price for them and them supply their materials. Drive done friction on the material ordering process.

Get insightful business metrics from your customer

Providing the customer uses our platform to manage their jobs, you will be able to see when the job goes from a lead into a confirmed job automatically, giving you the prompt to contact your customer and get those materials locked in. Get visibility into the build process and any extras that they might need.

Further partnership options are available which enables your merchant to have its own whitelabbled version ofr our leading costing and quoting platform, giving your customers something really unique that allows them to see and engage with you on a daily basis.

Get more points of contact with your customers and with our unique “buying signals” know when to contact them for locking in those material orders.

We also have the option to include your materials and prices in our software platform, and also offer the customer a login to our pricing platform allowing them to amend there own jobs.

This provides you with full visibility into your customers pricing activities and if they use the system, when they are winning the jobs.


Get more Sales


Easy to get started


Your Prices in our Costing platform


Get associated item order automatically


Customer Dashboard

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