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Easy Estimate is an established, UK based leading pricing, costing and estimating platform for the construction industry. Established over 10 years ago we have been supporting construction professionals, individuals and companies grow profitable successful business’s

We recently started using Easy Estimate having spent years using systems like Excel etc to produce detailed quotes for our customers. The software has completely re-engineered the process and means that we can quote quicker than ever before. Not only are we saving time, money and energy on producing quotes, but we are also winning more business as a result of being much more dynamic, accurate and speedy. We see the software as an investment in supporting our growth as a company and have found the team at Easy Estimate a great bunch of people to work with. We’re very grateful for the new capabilities the software has given us and look forward to continuing working together in partnership.


Business Development Manager, Ecologic Developments

Mark and the team at Easy Estimate got up us and running very quickly. We now have a centralized system to store all our business information including images, costs, and schedules.  We have been able to save thousands quickly with the use of the cost compare and purchase ordering system. We don’t want to say to many good things as we don’t want our competition to start using it!

Kevin Hall

Director, Bayfield Electrical Ltd

Yes it does Pricing, Costing and Quotes, but it also has all of this…..

  • Live Real time material prices from major suppliers
  • Record and keep track of payments made to you
  • Add any Merchant prices into the system
  • Compare Prices from any merchant
  • Keep all your Customer Information in one place
  • Impress your Customers with the Professional Interactive Quotes
  • Keep a track of all your important dates, when to start and finish jobs
  • Schedule when to Order Materials
  • Keep all your Contacts in one place and Organised, keep their Rates in the system
  • Create your own Templates and Calculators to speed up your pricing
  • Take-off Plans and Drawings. Use those measurements in your costings
  • Create lists of Materials, then email them to your chosen Supplier and Merchants
  • Create Invoices from Quotes and email direct to Customers

Give your Business the Boost it needs to make More Money and give you, your free time back

Ensure you are maximizing your profit!

It can be hard to know how to price a job sometimes. You need to know all the costs to ensure you are not going to make a loss on the job, you need professional detailed paperwork to prevent arguments over extras and you need to know you are paying the best prices on your materials. Easy Estimate makes that easy with a few click of a button. See how you can start making more margin today!

  • Reduce the time that you spend pricing
  • Keep your customers happy by getting Quotes and Estimates out faster
  • Make more Profit on your jobs
  • Convert more of your Leads to paid work
  • Price accurately using our Live Prices Materials Templates Database
  • Keep track of all your Leads, Quotes, Invoices and Customers
  • Send Quotes and Invoices direct from the system
  • Automatically create purchase orders for materials

Accurate and fast estimating system

“Having the up-to date live material prices right in the system means I price quicker and make sure I make money on the job” – James, Manchester

Give your customers the paperwork they need

“We convert over 30% more leads into paid jobs thanks to the paperwork that this pricing system creates for us, and will still make our profit margins!” – Tom, Southampton

Smart Phones

“I like the way that you can login from your phone to check anything in real time, it makes extras much easier to get paid for and keeps customers happy” – James, High Wycombe

Mac's and PC's

No software to download, just login to the website from your device to get started creating quotes.


All major tablets are supported enabling you to price using the device you prefer to use

Make us part of your toolkit

“Its the most important part of our business now, having all the information I need in one system, helps us price fast and accurately and keeps customers happy and coming back to us” – Tracey, London

What our Customers Say about Us.......

“Its cut down our pricing time by half, and we convert 70% more leads to paid work”

“I love the way it has all the material prices in the system, it helps speed up the quoting and it makes sure the job is priced correctly”

“I hated doing paperwork, but with this pricing system its become much easier and quicker, I don’t even mind doing it now”

“The new Invoicing feature is great, it means getting my Invoices out quicker and that gets me paid faster”

Quotes, Estimates and Invoices

The system can automatically produce the final Quotes, Estimates and Invoice that you need to send to your customer. They can also be customised as you want for the client by adding your own logo, cover sheets and any trade association information, then just send out the Paperwork

Software Cost

The estimating and costing system costs nothing to use on the free tier, no card or bank details required. There are no minimum contract lengths. 

Committed Support

We know if you have a problem or question, time is of the essence. There are multiple ways to get help, including an  email support ticketing system.

Software features

There are many features in our estimating software system that no other software gives you. Click the read more option below to have a look at some of them

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Mission statement

Our company strives to produce the best pricing and estimating system and will promise to always prioritise our existing customers over new business.

Invoice and Quote

The construction estimating software can produce all the paperwork you need to give to your client, and this includes a full Quotation and Invoice ready to be printed or emailed to your customer.

Building estimating software for Apple Mac

The system is based in the cloud and is accessed through a web browser, this means that the estimating software will work with Mac’s as well as PCs.