Material and Purchase Orders

Add your Merchants

The system allows you to send off a sheet of the materials that you need for a job, to any merchants that you add into the system to get material prices back. They are sent a link with your selected materials on which is very easy for them to fill out and get your prices back to you.

Compare Merchant Prices

Once the merchants have filled out the form, you can see what prices they have quoted you, and also if they have suggested other items instead, for example an item that they may have on offer. You can then copy these prices into your Material Database or use them on the quote that you are creating.

Create your Purchase Orders

Once you have all the prices, simply select the items you want to order from which merchant and create your purchase orders, you can email the merchants the documents or print them out and take them down to the merchants yourself.

Lets get Pricing Now!

If you don’t like the system you don’t have a lot to lose, we have no minimum contracts simply cancel if you don’t like it at ANY time.