Inserting a new calculator

Calculators are an pre-populated list of items for a specific section of works. They include the Materials, Labour and Plant that you would need to price the selected template. They also work out the quantities based on variables that you enter, such as the length and width of an area to tile

Find a calculator

You can use the search option in the top right of the screen to find the relevant calculator for the works section that you are pricing. If its not already in the system drop us an email and we will get it added.

Enter your dimensions

Put in the values section the measurements its asking for, on this example is a partitioning section. Once you have done this you can see all the items will be updated with the Qty’s of Materials and Labour needed

Bulk Update

You can use the bulk update option to set the area of the works, for example in this I want to price the partitioning for a Kitchen, so I update the area on all the lines to Kitchen, it will also then be clearly broken down on the quote for the customer

Insert the calculator

The system will default to selecting all the lines off the calculator, but you can de-select the items you might not need, for example you might have a skip already on site so might not need to include that again. You can also change the materials to other items if you prefer

Creating your own calculators

You can also create your own calculators, you can use one of the existing system calculators and then modify it for your own needs. You can then use this over and over again just with different measurements to work out whatever you price. We can also help import from spreadsheets if you have any calculators you have made yourself and help you get them into the system.

Lets get Pricing Now!

If you don’t like the system you don’t have a lot to lose, we have no minimum contracts simply cancel if you don’t like it at ANY time.