How to price up Foundations

How to price up and cost footings and foundations

How to price up foundations

To cost up all the materials and labour needed to dig foundations, just login into the free system. Create a new job in the system from the “jobs” menu, then select the Simple Stripe or Trench Foundations from the list of calculators.

Enter the key foundation information

Simply add in the foundation specifications into the boxes and let the system do the rest

Tweak any of the lines that are specific to your job

Simply edit any of the lines that are specific to your job, for example in this screen shot we might want to edit the type of Excavation to machine or add reinforcement.

Hit the “Use Items on Job”

Thats it, all your costs are on the costing sheet, ready for you to add your profit and margins to add to the quote to send your customer!

Remember its free to join and use, just click here to sign in, or register if you haven’t used the system before.

Lets get Pricing Now!

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