Having a diary packed with forthcoming jobs is every builder’s aim.

As well as giving you financial security, a flow of constant work also helps to build your brand and reputation which are the foundations of a thriving and profitable business.

But how do you make sure that you win the best jobs at the right price?

Apart from using the latest estimating software, you also need to think about the service you are giving any potential clients when they’re sourcing a contractor.

It isn’t always the tradesperson with the lowest price, or the builder who says he can save the most money who wins the work, there are lots of other variables that come into play.

Here’s a few things to be aware of next time you are asked to quote for work:

Communicate with your clients

First impressions go a long way in this industry – and one of the best impressions you can give is to remember when you submitted your quote. You will not give a client a professional impression if they are calling every week to see if you’ve popped their quote in the post yet. Communication is key and when you go to price the job put a date in your diary to confirm when the client would like their quote back – and stick to it!

Be realistic about deadlines

Most homeowners want a good, reliable builder who will meet their expectations and deliver on time. To make this achievable for yourself and the homeowner, give a realistic time frame as to when you think the work will be finished and, if it’s a big job, allow some extra time for unforeseen problems. Being consistent and delivering on time will ensure smiles all around.

Utilise your client testimonials

Have you ever considered including clients’ testimonials within your quote? You can never under estimate the power of recommendations. A good reputation will win you a lot of work – and giving the client reassurance that you’re the best builder for the job will encourage people to invest their hard earned cash in your services.

Constructive feedback

Don’t forget the importance of feedback; even if you don’t win the job having some constructive feedback will help you be successful next time. Whether you need to tweak your pricing structure, turn your quotes around more quickly, or specialise your services, always follow up with a quick email or phone call so you can better your services for the future.

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