How to use the Templates

Inserting a new template

Templates are an pre-populated list of items for a specific section of works. They include the Materials, Labour and Plant that you would need to price the selected template. To use just click the template, and insert template option

Find a template

We have over 50 templates in the system, you can use the search option in the top right of the screen to find the relevant ones to the job that you are pricing.

Review the template

Check that you have the correct template for the works you wish to price

Bulk Update

You can use the bulk update option to set the area of the works, for example in this I want to price the plastering for the Master Bedroom so I update the area on all the lines to Master bedroom, it will also then be clearly broken down on the quote for the customer

Insert the template

The system will default to selecting all the lines off the template, but you can untick the items you might not need, for example you might have a skip already on site so might not need to include that again. You can at this point add in the Qty’s that you will need for the job you are pricing.

Creating your own templates

You can also create your own templates, either from copying one of the system templates and then modifying it for your needs, or from works you have priced previously using the create template function. You just select the items from the costings sheet and click create template. Then use on any jobs where you have similar works to price

Lets get Pricing Now!

If you don’t like the system you don’t have a lot to lose, we have no minimum contracts simply cancel if you don’t like it at ANY time.