Material Prices

This feature allows you to use our pre-populated material library with over 60,000 common material’s prices. Simply add a row and then click on the magnifying glass to open the materials library. The material’s lookup window allows you to filter the library by material type, for example electrical, plumbing, building and many many more. You can then click on the product name to bring up a image of the item to check its what you need, then simply insert it back onto the job. The material prices are automatically entered for you, but you can of course, override the price, like everything else in the system.

You can also search by product name rather than filtering by product type as well, speeding up the process if you know exactly what you want.



Templates allow you to design your own system. For example you may do a lot of re-pointing work, simply set up a template that includes all the items you will need to complete the task. The next time you’re asked to do a job, all you need to do is drop in the template you created earlier and send out the quote.

We have a public templates library where you can select general templates for pricing the most common types of work, and the great thing is this list is growing all the time. You can also take a copy of these templates and tweak them for your own needs; this makes the system superior in its flexibility.

Job Costing

The software has been designed for maximum ease of use. We don’t control what you do with it – you can enter anything and a cost associated with it. All we ask is when you enter a price, you simply chose between the options. Is it a material, plant or labour expense? Once you’ve entered the information it lets you get on with pricing your job without the software getting in the way.


The timeline is a flexible feature in the software that allows you to store any information against a job, this could include plans or specifications, photos, signed paperwork, payments made or anything other documents or notes. We have used it for storing payments made, or notes on conversations about payments.

You can upload photos from your phone, directly to the system, which will allow you to view the photo in on your device when you get home to allow you to price for extras, and then send the extras to the customer.