Our developers have been listening to some great feedback from all our users and have now added the following features to help you get more information out of the system…

1) You are now able to print off the job costings sheet

This is big news! At the bottom of the job costing sheet there is now a new print icon in the bottom left, once you click on this it will give you some options on what information you would like to print out of the estimate that you have created. Please remember though that it can print out the item cost prices as well. If you want to print a customer quote, please use the quote option as this then adds the profit margins on.

2) You can now filter by line type on job costing sheets and templates

This sits alongside the feature above and will give you a grouped list of Materials, Plant, Labour, PC Sums and other types of items all displayed together. This means that you could print off a material order list for the job to send to your builders merchants to help you get the lowest prices.

This can be activated in the same way as filtering the job by area or section. For example all bathroom works could be grouped together, or grouped by section, such as any electrical works.

We are always looking at new ways to improve the Easy Estimate pricing system, so please do email us at [email protected] with any questions or feedback on the estimating system.

Many thanks and happy pricing!

The Easy Estimate team