How to create your first quote

The Quoting System

The system is based around the concept of Jobs. Click on the screen shot to see all of the example jobs that we have for our builder (John Smith) in the system.

Starting a new Quote

Once you get a new enquiry in, click on the ‘New Job+’ button, enter the site address, project start date (this is optional) and the system then will show you where the job is on the map below. Simply click ‘Update Job’ and you are ready to start pricing!

Job Items

Once you have added the job information its time to add the items you will need onto the job, this would include any materials, labour, plant and also any other associated costs such as parking etc. Simply click on the Add Row button


We have over 60,000 material prices in the system, from large well known national suppliers. You can also add your own prices into the system for reuse and also your own suppliers.

Sending the Quote

Simply click on the Quote option at the top of the screen, then hit download PDF or Microsoft Word format. You can change anything on the quote including the default wording, fonts and logos. Thats it! The quote is completed and ready to be sent to the customer.

Lets get Pricing Now!

For only £9.99 per month per user, you don’t have a lot to lose if you don’t like the system, we have no minimum contracts

Theres no commitment cancel at any time