One of the most requested features we have been asked to add to the app is a materials library, with prices. We are pleased to announce that in the latest release this has now been built in with 10,000’s + of materials and prices.

To use the feature, simply add a row as you have done before, and set the type to material. This will show a magnifying glass and clicking this will bring up the material lookup window which allows you to filter by material type, for example electrical, plumbing, building and many many more. You can click on the product name to bring up a picture of the item to check its what you need, then simply insert it back onto the job. The material prices are automatically entered, but you can of course, override the price, like everything else in the system.

You can also search by name rather than filtering as well, using the search button in the top right of the window.

We will be adding more and more prices and materials in the coming weeks, but we wanted to get the first version out there so that you can start using it to help speed up the pricing of jobs.