Frequently Asked Questions.

How is able to produce a system at such low costs?

We get this question all the time and also what’s the catch? There is no catch! We simply provide builders and construction professionals with an easy, quick to use estimating tool to produce quotes or estimates for their clients. We have written the software to leverage the power and scalability of the cloud to produce a cost-effective system.As it’s all online we only write one version and therefore keep our development costs to an absolute minimum.

Why is there no trial period?

When we were testing the system and offering trials we found that they were hardly ever used. By asking our customers to sign up for £9.99 it gives them an incentive to use the system and see how powerful, easy to use and flexible it is. You can also cancel with NO NOTICE PERIOD so the maximum amount you could lose is £9.99.

Why can’t I download the software?

Our system is based in the cloud, meaning that you don’t need to download software and install it. Just go to our website, sign in and start pricing right now! It also means you are not tied to 1 computer to use the system, use any machine with any internet connected operating system including Windows, Mac, iPads, iPhones and Android.

Is my data safe?

Yes, we have built the system to use the Amazon Cloud, but we also replicate and backup in real time to our secure servers, which provides the best resilience that you can get. If you would still like a copy of your data just email us and we can export you jobs into an excel spreadsheet for you (at no extra charge).

How do I start using the system?

Simply just click the button below and you can be pricing within minutes…

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